Building Technology Institute South Australia

The Building Technology Institute South Australia (BTISA) is an initiative of the North East Vocational College (NEVC). It is part of an Australian Government ‘Department of Education & Training’ funded pilot, trialling a new way of training entry workers within the Australian Construction Industry framework, and presenting a possible alternative to traditional apprenticeships, for those workers, and their industry.

As a variation to the traditional approach to apprenticeships, a ‘Student Builder’ is a full-time student and, as a major part of their training, is placed within a participating organisation to complete their relevant on-the-job learning, very much the same as a traditional apprentice would. These structured vocational placements range from 1 to 3 weeks at a time, spread over the 3 years of the program (2018-2020).

The main difference with the Student Builder is that they are not an employee of the host employer (nor of a Group Training Organisation) but remain a full-time student. This allows for accelerated learning & skills development on the part of the student.

The model is very similar to that used for the training of nurses and teachers. Unlike an existing apprenticeship, the course covers two qualifications: Certificate III in Carpentry (CPC30211) and Certificate IV in Building & Construction [Building] (CPC40110). This allows the Student Builder to register as a sub-contractor on completion and meet the technical requirements to register as a Building Supervisor (up to 2 stories). They will be assisted in this process by BTISA staff, during their final year.

Student Builders are also mentored throughout the duration of the program, with a focus on broader business skills, alongside of their trade skills. For the Student Builder pilot, there is no fee to the student, as the program is fully funded for up to 20 places.