Student Information

Our Expectations

At North East Vocational College (NEVC) we believe it is essential that all business, training and assessment services be conducted in accordance with the highest standards of ethical business practice. We endeavour to provide a training environment in which you can perform at your very best. Our staff are also expected to adhere to these standards as set out in our Code of Practice (p.19 of the Student Handbook).

Likewise, we expect you to be committed to your training program and:

  • Protect the health, safety and welfare of self and others
  • Use any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provided to protect your health and safety
  • Not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol whilst at the College
  • Follow any reasonable instructions and actively participate in your own learning to achieve course outcomes and in accordance with policies outlined in this handbook
  • Attend punctually to all scheduled training sessions/visits and if unable to attend,notify your trainer/mentor or nominated contact person of absence ASAP
  • Assist us in our review and continuous improvement processes by providing feedback to us and notifying a staff member at NEVC of any concerns or grievances that you have related to your training and/or assessment.

Government Subsidised Training

The South Australian Governments investment in training, employment and skills means that some qualifications are eligible for subsidised funding. If your training is subsidised, the South Australian Government pays part of your course fees for you. The money goes straight to your training provider, so you can focus on your training. Participant eligibility criteria apply.

You may be eligible for subsidised training if you live or work in South Australia, and are:

  • an Australian or New Zealand citizen;
  • a permanent Australian resident; or
  • the holder of a state sponsored visa on a pathway to permanent residency, and is:
  • aged 16 years or over and not enrolled at school; or
  • aged 16 years or over, enrolled in school and undertaking training through an identified pathway;or
  • undertaking training through a training contract as an apprentice or trainee in identified courses.

You may be able to access:

  • one foundation skills course (if your upfront assessment of need indicates you require one)
  • up to five bridging units at every qualification level (if assessed to need them)
  • unlimited priority courses.

Based on your training and employment level, you may also access:

Students can be enrolled in a maximum of two subsidised courses at a time. Specific projects and initiatives subsidised by the government may stipulate additional criteria and conditions to those that generally apply.

Training contracts receive special support.Traditional trades with unlimited places on the Subsidised Training List have priority course status, this means they can be accessed by anyone eligible for subsidised training, even if you have used your entitlement, and will not count towards an eligible student’s training account history.

Visit for Participant Eligibility Criteria.

Complaints, Grievances and Appeals Procedure

The North East Vocational College strives to foster open communications throughout the organisation and promotes an open-door policy to encourage healthy and productive communication. We encourage students, clients and employees to communicate, both with ideas and suggestions for the business and our training and assessment services, or if a grievance, complaint or dispute does arise. If you have a grievance, complaint or dispute with your training/mentoring, you are encouraged to take the following action:

  1. Attempt to resolve the grievance with the person(s) involved
  2. Should this be inappropriate,or the matter remains unresolved, you are encouraged to contact your trainer or assessor, who will consider the matter and assist/recommend a resolution. If the matter relates directly to your trainer or assessor, either party may request the involvement of another trainer or assessor
  3. Should this be inappropriate, or the matter remain unresolved, you are encouraged to contact the college General Manager on 8397 9500, who will consider the matter and attempt to arrange a meeting between parties with the aim of mediating and establishing a resolution
  4. Should the matter still remain unresolved you have the right and are encouraged to contact the South Australian Skills Commission, ASQA or your Apprenticeship Network Provider (if applicable) (see pages 16,17 in the student handbook)
  5. Complaints and appeals will be recorded and outcomes and reasons for the decision will also be provided in writing.

Safework SA – Wage and working conditions
1300 365 255

Fairwork SA – Workplace relations
131 394

ReturntoWorkSA – workers rehabilitation and compensation
131 855

Consumer and Business Services
131 882

Alcohol and Drug Information Service
1300 13 1340

Crisis Care Unit
131 611

Various government departments

Australian Apprenticeships Information Line
1800 338 022

South Australian Skills Commission
1800 006 488

Traineeship and Apprenticeship Services (TAS)
1800 673 097 – registered training organisations

On-line Career exploration and info service

Disability Employment Services
DES-DMS: 1800 805 260
JobAccess: 1800 464 800

Department of Education, Skills & Employment

Department for Industry, Innovation and Science

Job Search(Job Active) – available jobs
Job Seeker hotline 13 62 68

Children’s and parents help and advice – kids help line
1800 55 1800

Lifeline – Children’s and parents help and advice
131 114

Equal Opportunity Commission of SA
1800 188 163 or 8207 1977

Skills & Employment Infoline
1800 506 266

Unique Student Identifier (USI)

Construction Industry Training Board (CITB)